Cooking classes

Hotel Fifu offers cooking classes to discover the essentials of Indian cuisine. Influenced by spices, herbs and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, Indian cuisine stands out with its many varied dishes and its multitude of flavors.
From the use of spices, to the preparation of the vegetables, to cooking the dishes, you will discover the stories of local life and the secrets of these specialties. 

The cooking classes take place in a friendly atmosphere and are open to everyone. By tradition and culture, our cuisine is entirely vegetarian. At the end of the course you will taste your preparations so come with an empty stomach. 

We have prepared a menu of suggested dishes for you to cook. If you have a particular desire or preference to learn a particular dish please let us know.

For more information or any reservation, please contact the reception or do not hesitate to contact us by email:
The class runs for 90 minutes and costs 1250 rupees per person.

Our suggestion

Masala Chai

Served throughout the day, prepare and enjoy the typical drink of India. 


Served as an appetiser, the pakoras are a delicious blend of vegetables, chickpea flour and fried spices. 


Served as an accompaniment, the dhal is a mixture of yellow lentils and spices. You can make it spicy according to your taste.  

Eggplant Masala

Eggplant masala is made from eggplants, tomatoes and spices, freshly garnished with coriander. 

Our spices

For the preparation of our dishes we have selected the six most used spices in traditional Indian cuisine. We find turmeric (yellow powder), corriander (brown powder), cumin seeds, salt, black mustard seeds and red chilli powder. Added to its these spices, ginger and garlic are two foods particularly used in Indian cooking.