Our Team

Hotel Fifu was established in 1999 by Mr Om Prakash Kewaliya (known by his friends as Fifu), who still runs the hotel today with the help of some family members and a group of dedicated staff. The hotel is built in the traditional Haveli style and decorated with traditional artefacts from our region. Tucked in a quiet street, outside the city centre but still within walking distance to the Fort, Hotel Fifu offers a serene atmosphere in a luxurious setting. Perhaps our most popular feature is the breath taking view of Jaisalmer Fort from our own terrace.

Om Prakash – Fifu

If you spend some time chatting with Fifu it won’t take you long to realise how much he loves Jaisalmer and the Thar Desert. By his own admission this is the place where he was born, grew up and where he will happily be for the rest of his life. He graduated in economics and accountancy but his passion for hospitality coupled with his love for Jaisalmer and the desert has always drove him towards the tourism industry, were he has been successfully working for over 20 years. He loves photography, speaks 5 languages fluently (Hindi, English, German, Spanish and French) and has recently found a new passion in organic farming. His attention to detail and high standards are reflected throughout Hotel Fifu.


Antriksha is Fifu’s 28 years old nephew, who also graduated in economics and accountancy. He also attended the prestigious language school; Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad, where he studied French. He speaks fluent French, English and Hindi.


Anirudh is Fifu’s 25 year old son, who also graduated recently in Commerce. He attended the Institute Hispanic in Delhi, where he learned Spanish. He speaks fluent Hindi, English and Spanish. Nowadays he is mainly responsible for Fifu’s Restaurant.

Bhoma Ram Choudhary

Bhoma Ram is 28 years old and has been working with us since he was 18 years old. He had always shown initiative and proved time and time again his willingness to learn and grow within the team. Today he is responsible of the day to day management of the hotel.

Virenda Singh

Virenda is Nepalese and has been working with us for around 10 years. He has worked his way up to head cook. His passion for food is showcased daily in the dishes he prepares.

Bhojraj ‘Soda’ Singh

Soda was born and grew up in a small nearby village in the desert. His main responsibility nowadays is the management of our desert safaris.

Dev Narayan Choudhary

Dev is also Nepalese and the head of our housekeeping department. Together with some other staff he ensures that our high standards of cleanliness are kept throughout the hotel.

Ajay Kumar

Ajay who is also from Nepal,  is the latest addition to our team. His charm and positive attitude is what makes him popular with our guests. He assists Anirudh in the day to day management of the restaurant.