Hotel FIFU


Hotel Fifu – Jaisalmer, established in the year 1999 inspired and with kind blessing of our father late Shri Bhanwar Lal Kewaliya - a retired professor of history and languages.

Besides the authenticity of Jaisalmer architect, we take care of your comfort with all necessary amenities. Of couse you will find the best cleaniness at Hotel Fifu. Hotel Fifu is the place where you get relax with tranquility. Hotel Fifu offers you a hassle free accomodation. Sincerely we take care of your privacy and no persuation of camel safaris.

We speak Spanish, French and German so we are happy to fullfil all the requirement and reply the questions of our international guests.

Our motto is “Hospitality with Honesty” and once you stay at our Hotel Fifu, you will get experience of the same ambience.


Hotel Fifu was a private house which was converted into a hotel. It has 11 double beded/ twin beded rooms situated on three floors of the hotel. Each floor has four rooms. All the rooms have an attached bathroom. Most of the rooms have a panoramic view of Jaisalmer Fort.

The style of Hotel Fifu goes back to the traditional stone architecture found in Jaisalmer over the centuries. Hotel Fifu gives the impression of an old Haveli of Jaisalmer, with beautiful carving on the stones and balconies (Jharokhas). At Hotel Fifu the rooms are furnished in a quiet taste, making use of the silk and cotton materials woven in Rajasthan. The walls are decorated with old embroidery and contemporary Jaisalmer textiles. Hotel Fifu is built on 30ft x 40 ft--- 1200 sq feet of land.

The restaurant at our hotel is on the terrace, offering a complete panoramic view of Jaisalmer Fort. We serve only vegetarian meals--- Indian, continental, and snacks.