Hotel FIFU

Enjoy our part of the Thar Desert

( Day tour excursion around Jaisalmer city in Thar Desert)

While you are in Jaisalmer city, you must get exprience to do camel safaris in the Thar Desert. The real sand dunes or desert is 40 kms away from the Jaisalmer city. We have to drive by a four wheel drive jeep at least one hour drive to reach the real patches of sand dunes in the Thar Desert.

We try to keep you away from hustle bustle of tourists and take you to the private sand dunes where your privacy is gauranteed. In our part of the desert, we have only our desert camp. So you will not find tented accomodation of make shift camps like mushrooms in the desert. Here at our Desert Camp we have built six mud cottages and we have also installed eight Swiss Tents with attached bathroom too where you can enjoy the luxury and the adventure together.

We invite gypsies ( Lungas and Manganiyars ) of the Thar Desert along with traditional female dancers for your entertainment at our desert camp. They play traditional instruments and show their dance perfomances to entertain you.

We offer one camel for each persons and our camel man can teach you how to do camel ride and let you free to go further and for long safaris. Our camel men and staff at our camp are villagers and they speak very well english language, they are the best cook, during the safaris they will invite you to teach indian cooking.

To sleep overnight in the desert under the twinkling stars is unforgettable. We can organise tailor made safaris for your needs and requirments as your time permitted.

In the winter, the Thar Desert is ideal to do bird watching safaris as you can see plenty of migrated birds here. We also organise bird watching safaris in the part of Desert National Park.

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